Khmer Food: Samlor Korko

Khmer Food: Samlor Korko
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One of the most popular traditional Khmer food dishes is Samlor Korko. It is made of many kinds of vegetable and fishes, meat and a lot of ingredients.

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Samlor Korko

Samlor Korko Samlor Korko

It means stirring soup, but it is special vegetable soup with many greenness and leaves. Local legend has it that Samlor korko has been the king’s food for a longtime and there used to be nearly hundreds of vegetables and fruits were used for cooking the King’s special soup. However, it has been changed from the original recipe to be served in public.

How to make

Samlor Korko with pork and fish Samlor Korko with pork and fish

Typically, to make this dish, you can choose any meat for cooking like fish, pork, chicken or dove. For fish the great taste is Chlang Fish & Andeang fish. Samlor karko has a great flavor if it is served hot.

Cooking this Khmer food takes time because it takes a while to prepare all the vegetables as well as the Kroeung. Khmer people cook it very often though because it has a wonderful flavor. Traditionally, people can create different recipes cooking this dish with adding of different vegetables or fruits such as the young palm fruit Kandieng Leaf or Kampinring Leaf which are great.